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♥ Share my Love ♥ - Affordable & Effective eye mask

My gal pal and I were supposed to take a ferry to Macau from the HK ferry terminal. But just as we finally found the correct building, in unison,we realised we have left our passports hotels. How dumb!? So we have to deflect, we deflected to a Mix N Match store.

Over in Mix N Match, we went crazy for all the cheap taiwanese face mask, 我的心机, buying 10boxes each. And for the record, it's 10 boxes of all different kind, Red wine, Cavier, Milk Brightening, Mint Collagen, Arbutin etc.

For many masks enthusiasts, you should be familiar with this range, but have you tried their 我的心机 eye mask??? You must do so! It's really effective and you WILL see immediate effect after one application. For me, it feels like I had my invisible concealer on just after 15 min of application.

This wonderful range of eye mask comes in 4 different type: Q10, Hydrating, Whitening, Wrinkle Treatment. Check out the pretty packaging. Ohh...and have I not mentioned,  it comes in the form of jello, so its snugs and stays on face while you watch tv or read.

After applying on your under-eyes, and if the jello is still moist, slap it on your laugh lines!

So babes, go try out these masks, you should love them like I do!

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