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[Promo] Cupcakes to give away!

As a way of saying thanks to all our customers, Dressing Lane is giving out Charlotte-Grace's cupcakes voucher for anyone who spend a minimum of S$20 with us.

If anyone of you scrutinises our webpage will realise that from day one we have a Charlotte Grace's link under Share My Love. Why? Simply because the lady boss Jiaen makes the best Strawberry Short Cake ! I'm the idiotic kind who will eat the sponge cake and throw away the leftover whipped cream at birthday parties, and mind you I am guilty of doing that because it is such a waste. It's not until one day I found a slice of the their cake in my fridge and unknowing, for once in my lifetime, I licked up every fluffy bit of the cream and cake all by myself! So I declared, I only eat cream Jiaen whip. Ha!

So Dressing Lane simply wants to share what we love. We want you to wear that dress and eat that cake, voucher is valid till 20 Dec'10.

PS. Charlotte Grace does candy cakes as well, check out some of their work here and their FaceBook page here.

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